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March 2, 2009
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Salvatican Insignia by GleamingScythe Salvatican Insignia by GleamingScythe
The nation of Salvatica rests on the second largest land mass in the future world (the name of the world itself is in doubt, as none of the nations of the world can agree on one, the Felonian name 'Zeitgeist' is by far the most popular though, and also the only one used by people outside the country of origin) that replaced the one brought to an end by Tiamat. The Salvatican land mass occupies what is present day North, Central, and South America. The origins of the name 'Salvatica' are lost to history, but it was widely accepted as the continents name by it's indiginous peoples long before The Felonian Empire arrived on the scene. The most popular theory regarding it's origin is that 'The Salvaticans' were a tribe of wolves commanding a large central territory in the northern region of the country that warred fiercly with their neighbors and expanded their territory a great deal before Felonias arrival, and prior to the exile of the present day Bull Headians. Minor cause for confusion comes about following The Salvatican Revolution that frees the continent from The Felonian Empire's rule. Exeter; King Monarch The First named his new empire The Salvatican Empire even though much of The Salvatican Continent wasn't under the new empire's rule at the time. This is especially confusing due to the soverign nation of Bull Head that lays in the north eastern region of Salvatica. (In present day Canada) People of The Salvatican Empire often refer to people from this nation as 'Bull Headians', though everyone else (Pirates, Aquammals, Altions, and Felonians) simply refer to them as 'Salvaticans', not making the explicit distinction in most cases. The Salvatican continent is home to 408 million people. 12 million reside in Bull Head, 68 million reside in 'The Salvatican Mainland' ruled by Monarch, and 328 million live in the southern part of the country, under Monarch's jurisdiction, but not direct rule. Of the three regions, only The Salvatican Mainland, under Monarch's direct rule, does not maintain a direct connection to the eastern world, and direct immigration from the east to the mainland is outlawed. The Salvatican Empire's two provinces account for 96% of the continents gross product, while Bull Head accounts for the remaining 4%. But of these numbers, Bull Head accounts for 86% of the continents exported and imported goods, and electronics, and is the main hub between Salvatica and Felonia. The Salvatican Insignia is heavily inspired by the Felonian Empire insignia that occupied the country for so long, and later became Felonia's emblem after The Tax Federation was dissolved.
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SolidCocoon Mar 4, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Looks neat, nice work
AdisCrow Mar 2, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
I don't get to say this often, just 'cause there's so much else going on in your pictures, but I really love the textures you use, especially in backgrounds and stuff like this. :) :) Awesome work!
Thanks! Robekka did an outstanding job on the insignias that far exceeded initial expectations, I'm really glad others think so too.
AdisCrow Mar 2, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
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