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The first of five 'Divine' Class Golems built in the year 2118, Deus is a number of advanced systems built around a critical centerpiece; 'The Consciousness Rip-Tide Pit' that serves as it's core, or 'CNS Pit' for short. The super computer MT-0 had discovered the existence of extra spacial dimensions as part of it's research into M-Theory over a decade prior to the creation of a CNS Pit, and it was discovered that these dimensions were home to uknown forms of intelligence. These intelligences were capable of corrupting MT-0, gaining control of it, and using it's complex particle generating systems to create physical manifestations of themselves in our own dimension through some uknown means. As a result, MT-0 was sealed away, and an MT-1 developed for further investigation into the bizarre incident. MT-1 was able to determine that MT-0 fell victim to the other dimensional intelligences due to a lack of 'consciousness' on it's own, and this prompted development of an MT-2; which became the world's first true self aware, fully conscious AI. And this MT-2 designed the Divine Golem blue print, grafting the most advanced weapons of the time around a CNS Pit, which would draw a higher dimensional intelligence into our own, and use it as a source of power for the weapons systems. This didn't prove to be the case however, as only a Sage with higher spacial awareness was capable of completing the system to varying degrees. In the majority of cases those subjected to the CNS-Pit were left twisted and insane due to the other dimensional intelligence influencing them to too great a degree. And so Deus, and the other Divine Golems, were sealed away, until the world needed them to restore order.. And face Tiamat.

Name: M2CNSRe-X1 Divine Golem Deus
Height: Variable. Often 30 Meters.
Weight: Variable. Often 380 tons.
Support Systems:
6x 'Satellite Shield Generators, mounted on rear shoulder binders.
4x Graviton Deflectors, mounted on hips.
1x Type 2 'evolved' CNS Rip-Tide Pit, mounted in torso.
Weapons Systems:
2x Plasma Manipulators, mounted in wrists and hands.
2x 'Beam Plasma 'Wings', mounted on back binders.
3x 'Super' Gamma Ray Cannons, mounted in torso.
6x 'Hyper Plasma Blasters' mounted three to a shoulder.
6x 'Satellite Cannons', mounted on rear shoulder binders.

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Corpseling Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2009
3D looking good :)
Robot-drawing-club Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2009
Cool beans!
JazylH Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2009  Professional Filmographer
That is beautiful! I'm really amazing at the glow around the figure. would love to know how it was done!
GleamingScythe Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2009
Thanks, glad you like it. I'd tell you how it was done, except I don't know myself ^_^*
Mecha-Zone Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2009  Professional General Artist
It is so AWESOME to see it in the round! :headbang:
GleamingScythe Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2009
Glad to hear you like how the model turned out. I was really hoping you'd get a kick out of seeing them in 3D. It's because of those complex rear views you did for each that the 3D models were possible.
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July 24, 2009
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